Recently, a bizarre incident occurred in the Indian state of Bihar: nearly tens of billions of rupees were deposited into the bank accounts of two 6th grade rural children.

  Two children, Ashish Kumar and Gurucharan Biswas, received 620 million rupees (about 54.42 million yuan) and 9.05 billion rupees in their bank accounts. (Approximately RMB 800 million).

Both of these children came from the village of Pastia under the jurisdiction of the Bahala region, and the bank where they opened an account was called "North Bihar Grameen Bank".

  The bank has temporarily frozen the accounts of two children and stopped the withdrawal function.

  According to Indian media, this is the second time in Bihar in recent months that there has been an oolong incident of sending a large amount of wrong amount to a bank customer or showing a wrong statement.

(Produced by Lu Huiqian)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]