Paris (AFP)

The popularity rating of Emmanuel Macron and Jean Castex is down in September compared to August, the president losing 3 points and his Prime Minister 4 points, according to the Ifop barometer for the Journal du Dimanche.

38% of French people say they are satisfied with the action of the Head of State, while the popularity rating of his Prime Minister stands at 36%.

59% of those questioned say they are unhappy with Emmanuel Macron as President of the Republic, a stable figure compared to the previous month (3% do not comment).

For Jean Castex, the proportion of dissatisfied people is 58% (-2%), 6% of the French do not speak out.

The popularity rating of Emmanuel Macron is always higher than that of his predecessors François Hollande (22%) and Nicolas Sarkozy (36%) at the same time of their respective mandates.

French people aged 65 and over (-9%) and those aged 25 to 34 (-8%) recorded the greatest decline, while young people aged 18 to 24 are more likely to be satisfied with their share (+ 5%).

Survey carried out online and by telephone from September 9 to 16 among 1,932 people aged 18 and over, using the quota method.

Margin of error of 1 to 2.3 points.

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