The relatives of the victims of the American drone attack on an alleged IS target in the Afghan capital Kabul are demanding compensation.

They also want a personal apology.

Ezmarai Ahmadi had been mistakenly identified by US intelligence as an Islamic State militant.

On August 29, his white Toyota was followed for eight hours as the Pentagon suspected an IS bomb was in the car.

Then the car was bombed.

Ten people from the same Afghan family, including seven children, were killed in the attack.

US Army Chief Frank McKenzie admitted Friday that a mistake had been made after

The New York Times

questioned the events.

McKenzie and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin apologized.

However, the relatives of the family do not think this is enough.

The brother of one of the victims, who also lost several nieces and nephews in the attack, told the French news agency


that the US has not yet made direct contact with the family.

"They have to offer compensation," Farshad Haidari told the news agency.

He also calls on the US to "arrest and bring to justice" those responsible.

General McKenzie has said the US is investigating how to compensate affected families for the damage suffered.


Seriously injured Afghans arrive at hospital in Kabul after explosion