At a demonstration by several thousand people in Leipzig under the motto “We are all LinX”, riots broke out on Saturday.

The building of the Leipzig Police Department was pelted with beer bottles and firecrackers.

Stones were also thrown at several bank buildings and the facade of a house with student apartments.

Individual demonstration participants repeatedly collected cobblestones along the route in the south of Leipzig and hurled them against windows.

The police initially spoke of a number of participants in the lower four-digit range.

3,000 people were registered.

Nationwide mobilization had taken place for the demonstration.

The reason for the elevator was the trial of the student Lina E. and three men, whom the federal prosecutor accuses of forming a criminal organization and attacks on alleged rights.

The release of Lina E. was requested.

Take to the streets for anti-fascism and against Nazis, said one speaker.

The police accompanied the demonstration with a large contingent.

There were officials from Saxony, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia as well as the federal police in action.

A helicopter circled over the city, several water cannons were ready.