Mr. Moos-Achenbach, this Sunday the racing drivers will tackle the Eschborn-Frankfurt classic bike, the former Henninger race, for the 60th time.

How many issues have you missed since 1962?

Two when I was abroad while studying to be a cook.

Otherwise I was always there.

Her father Hermann and her uncle Erwin Moos founded the race and organized it for decades before they took over from 2002 to 2017.

What are your earliest memories of race day?

I was eight years old when it was first held.

As a little boy I was allowed to ride on the loudspeaker truck.

The whole family always went to the Braustübl in the basement of the Henninger brewery on the morning of May 1st.

There was then meat sausage, mustard and Wasserweck.

Many racing drivers also came by there.

The day before, there had been talks with all the team leaders - they usually didn't have enough money with them to pay for the hotel for all of their drivers.

My mother always made her appearance there.

In what way?

In the days before, she had always withdrawn large amounts of cash from the bank.

Definitely about 200,000 marks.

She wrapped the bills in newspaper and put them in plastic bags.

That is the least noticeable when she is walking around with such amounts, she has always said.

What criteria was used to distribute the money among the teams and drivers?

My father was sitting in front of a pad of paper with the names of the teams and an amount that they should receive as an entry bonus.

Of course there was still some real haggling.

Then my father often called out: Agnes, please give me something again.

And my mother unpacked a few notes again.

The day after the race, my father was back in the Braustübl with the team bosses.

And then he said, for example: You only reached the destination with four drivers - you won't get 500, but only 400 marks.

It was practically paid for performance and commitment in the race.

The German cycling star of the sixties, Rudi Altig, once made a special deal on May 1st.

While today everything is contractually regulated, spontaneous motivational injections were quite possible back then.

In 1970 Rudi asked for an extra 1,000 marks in addition to the amount for his team.

My father said: You will get the thousand - if you win tomorrow.

Then Rudi said: Okay, I'll drive and win.

And he actually managed to do that.

When did your uncle and father give you the first assignments for “Around the Henninger Tower”?

It really started when I had my driver's license in my pocket.

Then I often drove a press vehicle.

What did the journalists quarrel so often!

Drive that way, take this shortcut, let's wait for the racing drivers down at Mammolshainer Berg, no, better up, or stop in the middle.

An incredible cinnabar!

On May 1st, 2000 your blood froze in your veins, right?

Oh yes, that's actually still in my bones.

That was really bad.

What happened?