CCTV News (Reporter Deng Yumeng, younger brother Chen Chen and Huo Yunxia): An veteran is a "living history of the War of Resistance."

The once young soldiers have reached their old age, but now they are still aspiring to remember the tragic years.

On the 90th anniversary of the "September 18th" Incident, CCTV specially planned "Special "Reunion" of Anti-Japanese War Veterans". Let us listen to the voices of the veterans, listen to the precious historical memory, and listen to the song dedicated to the warriors of the Anti-Japanese War. Song of "The March of Volunteers".

In war, it gives the whole people the power to overcome difficulties, and in peace it reflects the confidence and cohesion of the nation.

Don't forget the national shame!

Keep in mind the history, our generation will be self-improvement!

(Special thanks: Pu Yuan, a teacher of the Armed Police Engineering University/Caring Veteran Volunteer, and Fu Hong, a Xi'an Luye Charity Volunteer)