• Murder suicide in Padua, the father kills his daughter


17 September 2021 In Trieste a man stabbed his father to death. The murderer would have been blocked by the police who intervened on the spot, and taken away in handcuffs. The victim had already died when the ambulance, police and carabinieri arrived.

The dynamics of the facts are still not clear, but according to the first information gathered by the investigators, the victim was hit several times with a stabbing weapon. Some witnesses reported that they clearly heard screams and noises typical of a fight. Both the murderer and the victim are foreigners residing in Italy for some time. 

The coroner who is carrying out a first superficial examination on the victim's body and the scientific police who have started the surveys are also on site. 

This is the second crime in the family in a few hours. In Padua, a father killed his daughter, who was having her birthday today, then he would have taken his own life.