These customers had never received their package and did not understand why.

In Languidic, near Lorient, the delivery platform of the DPD company has been the victim of multiple thefts since May.

The Morbihan gendarmerie announced that it had found the presumed perpetrators of these break-ins, the last of which dates back to August 4.

Three individuals were arrested and will be prosecuted for these multiple thefts.

A fourth, suspected of concealment, was also heard within the framework of this investigation carried out by the Languidic brigade and the Lorient research brigade.

Arrested simultaneously at their home, the three individuals were taken into police custody.

During the searches, the gendarmes discovered a large number of various objects resulting from thefts "of more than 150 packages".

Vacuum cleaners, bags, clothes, an electric scooter or even shoes have been discovered.


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