On September 17, local time, US Central Command Commander MacKenzie admitted that the airstrike launched by the US military in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 29 did not actually kill the so-called “terrorists”, but instead killed 10 civilians by mistake, including a total of 10 civilians. 7 children.

  Mackenzie said at a press conference held at the Pentagon that day: "As a commander, I am fully responsible for this attack."

  After the bombing of the Kabul airport, the US military announced that it would take action against the Khorasan branch of the Islamic State and launched a drone air strike in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 29.

  The U.S. Department of Defense claimed at the time that the air strike killed at least one member of the extremist organization.

Milli, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called this a "just blow."

  Since then, media reports pointed out that it was not a terrorist who was killed, but an Afghan civilian working for an NGO and his family.

  On August 30, local time, a reporter from China Central Radio and Television Station in Kabul paid an exclusive return visit to the site of the US air strike.

  Residents who witnessed the scene told the reporter that it was the bombing by the US army that killed and injured nearby residents.

(Headquarters CCTV reporter Wang Fengzhi)