• Emmanuel Macron was he wearing a bulletproof vest to receive athletes at the Elysee Palace on September 13?

    Internet users are wondering because of a photo showing the president's back.

  • Contacted, the Elysee explains that Emmanuel Macron was not wearing a bulletproof vest.

  • In other photos of the ceremony, this fold in the back is no longer visible.

How far does the protection of the President of the Republic go?

Internet users are wondering from two photos of Emmanuel Macron.

On the first, dating from September 13 and taken at the Elysee Palace during a reception of Olympic and Paralympic athletes, a protuberance appears in the back of the Head of State as he greets Teddy Riner.

On the second, undated, Emmanuel Macron bulges the chest and folds can be guessed on his jacket.

The photo was most likely taken during a ceremony at Mont Valérien, in the Hauts-de-Seine, on June 18, 2020.

Emmanuel Macron went to this place of memory of the Second World War to commemorate the 80 years of the appeal of June 18 of General de Gaulle.

The tribute took place without an audience due to the health crisis.


Contacted, the Elysee explains that Emmanuel Macron did not wear a bulletproof vest during these two events.

The reception in honor of the Olympic and Paralympic medalists took place in the Elysée, a highly secure place.

In other images published by the Sipa news agency, the crease in the president's back is no longer visible.

In addition, we notice in this image dated 2015, when Emmanuel Macron was Minister of the Economy, the same fall of his jacket as during the ceremony at Mont Valérien.

The photo had been taken in his ministry, again a safe place.

The security of the President is ensured by the Security Group of the Presidency of the Republic (GSPR).

In 2018, its founder explained to

20 Minutes

that it is the boss of this unit who “defines with the authorities, and in particular the prefects, the general measures to be taken when traveling”.

The unit was put in the spotlight when Emmanuel Macron received a slap in the face during a trip to Drôme in June.

RTL recalled that the district had been cordoned off before the arrival of the president.

The device had been completed by searches of journalists and demining dogs were present.


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