The world's tallest tree, a sequoia with a height of 83 meters, has been wrapped with aluminum foil to protect it from wildfires in the US state of California.

The fires in the western United States have reached a national park and threaten more than 2,000 special trees there.

Firefighters have started setting up fire hoses around the trees.

"We are taking exceptional precautions to protect these redwoods," said a spokesperson for the nature park where the trees are located.

"We are doing everything we can to protect these two- to three-thousand-year-old trees."

Smaller fires are generally not harmful to the redwoods because of the thick bark of the trees.

The larger and hotter fires are dangerous, because they reach higher in the tree and up to the leaves.

The fires that ravage the nature park started on September 10 as a result of lightning strikes.

In recent months, thousands of acres in the western US have gone up in flames.

Firefighters wrap a plate with aluminum foil.

Firefighters wrap a plate with aluminum foil.

Photo: AFP