The gift also included 40-year-old photos from John Bauer's sister-in-law, Hanna Bauer's home in Jönköping, filled with Bauer paintings.

The photos are from Hanna Bauer's home in Jönköping.

She was the widow of John Bauer's brother, Hjalmar, and in the photos John Bauer's paintings can be seen hanging on the walls.

Self-portrait by John Bauer.

- The beauty of the photos is that you see how Bauer's work has been taken care of in the family, says Liselotte Munther, unit manager for Jönköping County Museum's collections and exhibitions.

Be at home with John Bauer's sister-in-law

The donation comes from the illustrator and Bauerkännaren Bengt Arne Runnerström.

He got in touch with Hanna Bauer through his mother.

Hanna Bauer in her home in Jönköping, 1982. Photo: Gabriel Djärf / SVT

- In 1982 I was at Hanna Bauer's house and got a shock when I came in and saw all the pictures I had seen in the picture for so many years.

And here they were in the original, says Bengt Arne Runnerström.

A drawing hitherto unknown by John Bauer.

Photo: Gabriel Djärf / SVT

Bengt Arne took some photos inside Hanna Bauer's home and then he got two drawings of her and had to choose for himself.

It is now these drawings and photos that he donates to Jönköping County Museum.

- Hanna has donated all the sketches to the museum, so why should I not do it.

They belong to Jönköping County Museum, as I see it, Bengt Arne Runnerström explains.

Two of the three drawings that were donated today to Jönköping County Museum. Photo: Gabriel Djärf / SVT