At the end of August, a 90-year-old lady went to the Barrière gaming casino on Ile du Ramier in Toulouse to play.

Luckily, she won 600 euros.

This did not escape the notice of a 59-year-old man who was on the premises of the establishment.

The latter then followed her to the bathroom to steal her earnings.

To achieve this he suffocated her with his belt and struck her several times.

The nonagenarian lost consciousness and he took the opportunity to run away with his bag, which he abandoned after recovering the money and the bank card.

Supported by the emergency services, the lady was hospitalized.

Caregivers discovered she was suffering from a fractured femoral bone.

Arrested with his companion

In the meantime, her attacker asked her 51-year-old partner to try to withdraw money from ATMs using codes found in the older person's wallet.

In vain.

She will eventually use it for a contactless purchase of around ten euros.

The investigation, entrusted to the unit of attacks on the goods of the departmental security, made it possible to go back to the couple thanks to the video surveillance.

He did not have an address known to the services, but the police discovered that they were summoned these days in another case in Lot-et-Garonne.

They were arrested near Agen on Thursday and taken into police custody.

During his hearing, the man admitted to having dealt the blows.

With his companion, they were brought to justice and will be judged Monday in immediate appearance.


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