When Armin Laschet was asked in the ARD election arena whether he was in favor of the legalization of cannabis, the viewer could hardly believe his ears: No, said the Union's candidate for chancellor.

So he wants it to remain banned.


Isn't the CDU the party of unleashing, including business, to which cannabis could also contribute, and aren't the Greens the banning party?

But why do they want to legalize cannabis and the CDU not?

Timo Frasch

Political correspondent in Munich.

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Even the Bavarians have not understood the world for a year and a half: the CSU had explained to them day in and day out that it was the party that trusted people, that worked with incentives instead of bans - almost like animal training, which also works with them Treats better than with a whip.

But lo and behold: Instead of handing the advocates of Liberalitas Bavariae half a chicken when they enter the supermarket, when they put on a mask, or at least trusting their understanding, the government ordered them to do so.

In plain language: even in the Free State there are bans.

Free travel for free citizens must also apply in front of kindergartens

The same in road traffic: Union and FDP are against a general speed limit on motorways, allegedly because they do not want to control people. This raises the question of why people, if they are as sensible as it is currently claimed everywhere, in residential areas of all places, where they cannot drive faster than 50 km / h anyway because of the parked SUVs, on the part of the state even at 30 must be throttled down. Free travel for free citizens must also apply in front of kindergartens and schools, if only because of the role model function!

Speaking of schools: Is it really the Union and the FDP who build on personal responsibility and want to let the children decide for themselves about their transfer, without all the class work, which you know can also be screwed up? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! And what about internal security? Whoever believes in the power of man to constantly invent new ways of self-defense, why still need a police force that nips his inventive talent in the bud at the Kotti in Berlin or in Dortmund-Dorstfeld? And why then is the Union of all things the party for internal security?

So are the fronts in the matter of prohibition and freedom party not so clear - and in the end freedom is more than just the freedom of those who eat differently and those who travel faster? Were the Greens just stupid enough to let themselves be pushed into the ban corner because of a few veggie burgers and gender asterisks? After all, party researcher Karl-Rudolf Korte speaks of the “liberal bloc” - and actually means the FDP and the Greens.

Whereby: At the moment all parties are somehow liberal.

With their constituents they sometimes speak in the various television formats like Montessori teachers with children: "I understand your concern." - "I totally share the problem." - "Thank you not only for the question, but for your great commitment." - “You described that very well.” It is therefore only logical that more and more interviews are being conducted by children.

Andi Scheuer is the Ugur Sahin of transport policy

One sentence by the Green Annalena Baerbock, last uttered in the Triell, must be considered an outlier: "Every ban is also an innovation driver." When she said that, she was immediately attacked. Isn't it allowed to say anything more in this country? Maybe she is right. For example, if it hadn't been for a drug ban, drug dealers would hardly ever have thought of smuggling cocaine into fighting dog stomachs, to make the bow to Laschet. Andi Scheuer, the Ugur Sahin of transport policy, would probably never have found the courage to fill all sidewalks with e-scooters had the Greens not criminalized global warming.

We know from children that the forbidden fruits taste best for them and that they therefore especially strive for them. That also speaks in favor of more rather than fewer bans. In any case, the state should not anchor German poetry in the curriculum, that would be a planned economy anyway, but rely on the index. Then maybe AfD chairmen can quote Goethe again.