China News Service, September 17th. According to the Russian Satellite Network, the British Parliament on the 14th used China's sanctions on some British MPs as an excuse to disagree with the Parliamentary Inter-Party China Group in the Parliament Building with the participation of the Chinese ambassador. condemn.

Experts believe that this incident is unlikely to have a major impact on Sino-British relations.

If the UK intends to become a "global power", it should work hard to develop deeper cooperation with China in climate, global governance, economy and trade.

  Kira Godovaniuk, chief researcher of the British Research Center of the European Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said in an interview with Satellite News Agency that this incident will not have any long-term consequences for Sino-British relations. "Push into the abyss".

  Godovaniuk believes that this incident will affect the atmosphere of Sino-British relations.

He pointed out that the British government has not yet fully determined its strategy for China.

Whether China is the most important trading partner for Britain or some kind of "threat" is yet to be determined.

He also mentioned that in the national security strategy announced by the United Kingdom in March this year, China was referred to as a strategic competitor, but that the United Kingdom would cooperate with it if possible.

  Godovaniuk also believes that this incident is a manifestation of the deep-rooted "China fear" in the British Parliament. It also means that the Johnson administration is facing strong internal and external pressure on the China issue.

He analyzed that "anti-China behavior" in the UK may be further strengthened and political confrontation may escalate.

However, the mere cancellation of the invitation to the Chinese ambassador by the British Parliament may not have any long-term consequences.

  According to reports, the Speakers of the Upper and Lower Houses of the British Parliament made a decision on the 14th that they disagreed that the Parliamentary Inter-party China Group held an event with the participation of the Chinese Ambassador in the Parliament Building on September 15 because China had previously sanctioned seven British MPs.

The spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom responded on the 14th that the decision of the British Parliament reflected the narrow psychology of some people in the UK and was short-sighted, reckless, and cowardly.

  The embassy spokesperson also pointed out that the British Parliament disregarded the fundamental interests of the Chinese and British people and international etiquette and retaliated by prohibiting the Chinese ambassador from being invited to participate in activities in the Parliament. This approach is completely wrong and doomed to failure.

The Chinese Embassy urges some people in the British Parliament to put away this political trick, otherwise they can only "lift a rock and hit themselves in the foot."

  Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian also stated on the 14th that as the two major economies and permanent members of the UN Security Council, China-UK cooperation meets the development needs of both sides and is conducive to coping with global challenges. This is a fact for all to see. China requires the British Parliament to effectively restrain the words and deeds of individual members, proceed from the standpoint of safeguarding the interests of the people and the global welfare, and do more for the consolidation and development of China-UK relations.