From September 25, everyone who wants to go to a cafe or restaurant, among other things, must show a corona ticket.

The yellow vaccination booklet seems to be a good alternative for vaccinees who cannot or do not want to use the CoronaCheck app.

But that is still not valid as a vaccination certificate after the introduction of the corona pass, says the Ministry of Health in conversation with

The GGDs have been putting a stamp in the yellow vaccination booklets since June.

People appeared to want to fall back on paper and some countries within the European Union accept the booklet as proof of vaccination.

Within the Netherlands, however, it is of little use.

The booklet is not regarded as official proof.

This is partly due to the fraud sensitivity of the document, according to the ministry.

In addition, more information can be included in the CoronaCheck app, for example that one injection is sufficient after an infection.

Vaccinated persons without a smartphone can request a paper corona pass via the CoronaCheck website.

If you do not have a DigiD, smartphone or computer with a printer, you can receive a corona certificate on paper.

For this you can call the CoronaCheck helpdesk on 0800-1421.

Last summer run on yellow book

Last summer it turned out that many people wanted to register their vaccination in the yellow booklet.

However, GGDs were allowed to decide for themselves whether to add a vaccination.

As a result, it sometimes happened that people who asked whether the vaccine could be credited were not answered.

When the GGDs decided to stamp every vaccination site, there was a run on the document.

The yellow book ended up in the bestseller top 100 of the Bruna and at least hundreds of thousands of copies were sold.

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