Sao Paulo (AFP)

Pele, 80, was transferred briefly Friday morning to an intensive care unit after breathing difficulties, the Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo announced in the evening, where the Brazilian football legend underwent an operation in early September.

"After breathing difficulties", Pelé was "transferred preventively to an intensive care unit and, once his condition stabilized, the patient was placed in semi-intensive care," the hospital said in a bulletin.

Pelé had been operated on September 4 in this establishment for a "suspicious" tumor in the colon discovered during routine examinations.

He remained in intensive care until September 14, before being transferred to a normal room.

Pelé's situation "is stable from a cardiovascular and respiratory point of view", continued the hospital, he "continues to recover from his abdominal surgery".

The health of the one many consider the greatest footballer of all time has been fragile in recent years, with several hospitalizations.

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