A good week before the general election, the Union's efforts to turn the trend in favor of voters have not yet borne fruit, according to the ZDF “Politbarometer”.

According to the survey published on Friday, the CDU / CSU remained at 22 percent, as in the two previous weeks.

The SPD was still in the lead with an unchanged 25 percent.

The Greens lost one percentage point to 16 percent.

Nothing moved with the other parties.

The FDP and AfD remained at eleven percent, the Left Party at six percent.

Other parties came to a total of nine percent, this was one percentage point more than a week ago.

This means that only a coalition of the SPD and the Union would have a narrow majority of the two-party alliances.

It would also be enough for a traffic light composed of SPD, Greens and FDP, for a government composed of CDU / CSU, Greens and FDP and for red-green-red.

However, according to the information, 38 percent of voters are still not sure who or whether they want to vote.

When it comes to the question of suitability as a chancellor and the preference for one of the three candidates, SPD applicant Olaf Scholz is still well ahead of his competitors.

According to the “Politbarometer”, 67 percent trust him to take office.

Union candidate Armin Laschet, on the other hand, consider only 29 percent to be eligible for chancellor.

The Green candidate Annalena Baerbock is here at 26 percent.

Most of all, 48 percent would like to have Olaf Scholz as Chancellor.

Armin Laschet would like 22 percent (plus one) and Annalena Baerbock 15 percent (minus one).

The research group Wahlen interviewed 1406 randomly selected voters for the “Politbarometer” between 14 and 16 September by telephone.

The error range is between two and three percentage points.