"Someone shot me."

American society was shaken by the revelation of a secret hidden in one urgent 911 call and one call that was thought to be a simple report.

According to foreign media reports such as the Associated Press on the 16th local time, Alex Murdo, a South Carolina lawyer, called 911 on the 4th and said, "There is a problem with a car tire, so I was looking at my hand on the side of the road. shot," he reported.

Many media outlets in the United States covered the case, because the Murdo family, besides Murdo, who is a lawyer, is a powerful legal family whose father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all served as regional prosecutors.

What seemed like a tragedy for a prestigious family, the investigation begins and takes a completely different direction.

"I asked for a suicide contract to give my son 11.7 billion won in insurance"

In June, three months before Murdo's shooting, Murdo's wife Maggie and son Paul were shot to death.

But Murdo's shooting turned out to be a self-constructed 'suicidal contract' to get his other son, not the one who died a few months ago, to collect life insurance payments worth $10 million. I did.

According to investigative authorities, Murdo was found to have handed a pistol to Curtis Smith, a 61-year-old man he had defended in the past, and asked to commit suicide.

Curtis actually shot Murdo in the head, but it was reported that the bullet was deflected and he was not seriously injured.

According to the Associated Press, Smith had obtained drugs and sold them to Murdo.

The day before the suicide contract, Murdo had been fired from his law firm amid allegations of embezzlement of millions of dollars.

Murdo, who appeared at the police on the 16th, is expected to be charged with insurance fraud, and if found guilty, he will face up to 20 years in prison.

'Mysterious Death' of 20 Years Housekeeper and Wife and Son

Police investigating Murdo's case also launched an investigation into the death of Gloria Satterfield in February 2018.

Satterfield, who had been working as a housekeeper for the Murdo family for over 20 years, was reported to have died after falling and hurting at Murdo's house at the time of his death.

Satterfield's two sons also filed a lawsuit claiming that they were not able to receive a compensation of about $500,000 from Murdo.

The shooting that killed Murdo's wife and son in June of this year also remains unsolved.

It was Murdo who discovered that his wife and son had been shot and died several times at the time, and Murdo's lawyers are said to have drawn the line that Murdo had nothing to do with the case.

According to the AP, local authorities will continue to investigate the case.

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(Photo= Captured from AP website, captured from Maggie Murdo's Facebook)