It was during the summer that the trip to the homeland was made.

The daughter must then have thought that she would go with the family on holiday, but once in place there were plans for her wedding.

According to the district court, the daughter must also have been subjected to both assault and threats.

The 18-year-old then manages, with the help of his boyfriend in Sweden, to return home.

Fleeing back to Sweden

- The evidence that is available is an extensive correspondence between her and her boyfriend in Sweden on how the escape is planned.

She also gets help from a lawyer abroad to plan and carry out the escape, which takes place for a couple of days before she is back in Sweden again, says chamber prosecutor Emma Olsson.

The mother denies the crime and, together with her defense lawyer, is considering appealing the verdict.

In the police preliminary investigation, it is possible to read several desperate messages from the daughter abroad.

See some of them and hear the prosecutor in the video.