China News Online, September 16th (Reporter Zheng Yingying) "Lung nodules may be lung cancer, or they may not be lung cancer." "Nodules are just a general term for abnormalities on CT, which cannot establish a corresponding relationship with benign and malignant. It does not harm health. It's a good nodule." Jiang Gening, chief clinical expert of Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital affiliated to Tongji University, said in the theme report of the "Science and Technology Living Room" of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology on the 16th.

  On the occasion of the "National Science Popularization Day" in Shanghai in 2021, the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology and Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital affiliated to Tongji University jointly launched a science popularization event on the theme of lung nodules in the Science Hall that day.

In recent years, lung cancer, the "health killer", has received widespread attention.

With the development of imaging detection technology and the popularization of chest CT physical examination, more and more small lung nodules have been discovered.

What's the matter with small lung nodules?

What is the relationship between lung nodules and lung cancer?

  Jiang Gening said that lung cancer may grow into a lung nodule or something else (large lumps, etc.).

Normally, lung cancer that grows into small nodules in the lungs is the less malignant cancer.

  How to deal with lung nodules?

Jiang Gening said that regular follow-up is one of the treatment methods. There are many examples of nodules that have faded and disappeared. During follow-up, nodules that have not disappeared grow very slowly. Kind of treatment."

  He pointed out that the primary logic followed by mature surgeons is: Can it work without surgery?

Surgery is really necessary, and some surgical indications such as "long-term follow-up persistence" must also be met.

He concluded: "If you find nodules, don't panic, most of them can be followed up. It's a good phenomenon that it fades and disappears, and it becomes larger and more solid."

  Jiang Gening introduced that according to the hospital's data, the proportion of lung cancer found in physical examinations (CT screening) is increasing year by year.