Last month's retail sales in the United States increased 0.7% from the previous month to exceed market expectations, suggesting that personal consumption is resilient despite the spread of the highly infectious mutant virus, Delta strain. increase.

Last month's retail sales were $ 618.7 billion, or more than JPY 67 trillion in Japanese yen, announced by the US Department of Commerce on the 16th, up 0.7% from the previous month.

Sales increased for the first time in two months. Breaking it down, "automobiles" and "home appliances" decreased, while "online mail order" and "food and beverages" increased.

In the United States last month, due to the serious spread of the mutant virus Delta strain, sales were expected to decrease from the previous month in advance market forecasts, but the result exceeded expectations and personal consumption You can see the resilience.

It seems that the background is that the movement to tighten the regulation of economic activities again is not widespread even though the infection is spreading.

In the United States, the Fed, which is the central bank in response to the economic recovery, plans to change the large-scale monetary easing policy introduced from March last year by the end of this year, and the Fed will make the final decision. So one of the focus is how to see the economic impact of the Delta stock.