Today there are four leisure banks in Småland.

The premises are in Hultsfred, Kalmar, Tingsryd and Ljungby.

The concept of lending sports and leisure equipment free of charge to people who want to try it out has grown in popularity, and with it the number of places has expanded rapidly in recent years.

In Småland and on Öland, however, it is quite sparse with banks, but now two more are about to open.

One in Borgholm and one in Mörbylånga, something that the Barometer was the first to tell.

- Our ambition and idea is that we will get started this winter, says Jens Odevall, municipal manager in Borgholm.

Mörbylånga municipality aims to open in 2022.

- We have just hired a person who will start looking at suitable premises, says Magdalena Osbeck who is head of operations labor market and leisure in Mörbylånga municipality to Barometern.