• Justice 'El Pollo' Carvajal claims that he worked with "the CNI" to avoid his extradition to the United States.

  • Profile Hugo Carvajal, the custodian of the secrets of Chavismo


Examining Court number 6

of the National Court has summoned Hugo

El Pollo


next Monday to

give a statement in the framework of proceedings opened for international terrorism. The decision has been adopted by Judge

Manuel García Castellón

at the request of the defense of the former head of intelligence of


, who is in the

Estremera prison

awaiting resolution of his extradition to the

United States

for drug trafficking.

In the framework of these proceedings, the National High Court offered Carvajal the status of protected witness before he fled, as long as he provided relevant information related to the ties of


with Venezuela. However, Carvajal did not offer data to the researchers in this regard and the offer came to nothing.

Now, after being detained last week in an apartment in


, where he had been hidden since 2019, he has decided to collaborate in the framework of these proceedings of his own free will. Along these lines, it also offers to provide new information on the Colombian guerrilla of the



At the moment Carvajal is pending that


hand him over to the United States, which is claiming him for drug trafficking charges. The National High Court has provisionally paralyzed the extradition until its asylum request is resolved. However, the

Ministry of the Interior

It has already clarified that it was rejected and that, therefore, there is no impediment to its delivery to the American authorities.

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ProfileHugo Carvajal, the custodian of the secrets of Chavismo

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