Israeli journalist and political activist Orly Noy said that Facebook banned her because of a post she posted on her account describing Palestinian Zakaria al-Zubaidi - one of the six Palestinian prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison - as a hero.

In an article for Britain's Middle East Eye, Noe wrote, "Within an hour of posting a post about the character of Zakaria al-Zubaidi, one of the six Palestinian prisoners who recently escaped from Gilboa Prison and one of the four who were subsequently arrested, I was blocked by Facebook. A period of 3 days on the pretext of violating his community guidelines.

Noi highlighted that her public support for the fugitive Palestinian prisoner sparked a wave of anger among the Israelis, explaining that she was not surprised by this, as she has always insisted on considering Al-Zubaidi and his companions as freedom fighters, not terrorists, and she also insists on providing the context on which Al-Zubaidi's tragic heroic path in life was built.

She said that she described Al-Zubaidi as a hero in the post that Facebook deleted, not only because he fights for the freedom of his people, but also because she sees that every Palestinian who survives the occupation and insists on continuing to live is a hero even if he does not throw a single stone against the Israeli occupation.

The Israeli journalist pointed out that Zakaria Al-Zubaidi was among the children who appeared in a movie entitled "Arna's Children" directed by Giuliano Mer Khamis in 2003. Children of Jenin refugee camp.

She said that the young children who participated in the project in the nineties, and appeared in the film as young children in the name of the gaps, gradually turned into relentless fighters. terrorist.

Zakaria al-Zubaidi, a prominent leader in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades of the Fatah movement (Al-Jazeera)

She explained that Al-Zubaidi, whose family donated part of her home in the 1990s to the Freedom Theater project, finally took up arms to fight for freedom after the Israeli army killed his mother and brother.

Noi said she also wrote in her deleted post, "We, the Israeli people, are the ones who must be called to justify the transformation that Zubaidi, who was one of the smiling children in (that) movie, went through."

The Israeli political activist saw that the Israeli public strongly refuses to recognize the context in which the Palestinian struggle comes, and is surprised when any writer or opinion holder mentions this.

She added that the astonishment with which the Israelis met the news of the escape of the six prisoners from the Israeli Gilboa prison embodies this mentality, and is governed by a logic that says, "They beat us in some way, but how? We are very smart and strong, we are invincible!"

She said that from the Israeli point of view, as long as the rules of the game with the Palestinians require that the Israeli be the one who wins, crushes, humiliates, expels, exiles, arrests and imprisons the Palestinian, pulls the trigger and kills him. Israeli public opinion: What gave them the right to violate this Jewish and democratic equation?

The Israeli writer considered that imprisoning any of the residents of the occupied Palestinian territories “outside their land” is a violation of international law, and that the imprisonment of Al-Zubaidi and his companions in Gilboa Prison is illegal and is a war crime.