The major geopolitical shifts in the Asia-Pacific region as a result of Chinese expansionism lead to a brilliant backlash: Australia, the United Kingdom and America conclude a security pact that aims to deter China from using its (military) power.

Particularly explosive about the pact are the nuclear-powered submarines that Australia will manufacture with American and British help.

The mere fact that Washington and London are willing to pass nuclear technology on to a partner country that does not have nuclear power shows how serious the Chinese "challenge" is seen as being.

It is not surprising that Beijing reacts angrily to the pact and its military components and sees it as a provocation.

It is understandable that Paris also reacts angrily to the deal.

Because the contract that French companies had for the construction of conventional submarines for Australia is now perdue.

As expected, German politicians are reacting with alarm because they fear they will be trapped in the dispute with China.

What conclusions can still be drawn? The pact was signed a month after leaving Afghanistan. Biden wanted to focus on China; he does and forges new strategic security partnerships. And: there are no scruples in the armaments sector. British attempts to dampen Parisian anger are hypocritical.