A good week before the general election, the SPD's lead over the Union has melted slightly, according to the ARD Germany trend.

According to the survey published on Thursday by Infratest dimap, the Social Democrats have improved by one point to 26 percent compared to the week before last - but in the same period the CDU and CSU climbed from 20 to 22 percent.

The Greens fell one point to 15 percent, and the FDP and AfD also suffered slight losses: They are equal at eleven percent.

The left remains with a share of the vote of six percent.

In principle, election surveys only reflect the opinion at the time of the survey and are not a prognosis for the outcome of the election.

You are also always fraught with uncertainties.

Among other things, declining party ties and increasingly short-term voting decisions make it more difficult for opinion research institutes to weight the data collected.

CDU boss Armin Laschet was also able to make up a little ground in the comparison of the chancellor candidates.

In a direct election, according to the survey, 40 percent of those questioned would still choose the SPD candidate Olaf Scholz - but that is three percentage points less than two weeks ago.

In the same period, Laschet improved from 16 to 19 percent.

Only 13 percent would choose Annalena Baerbock from the Greens.

From 13 to 15 September, Infratest dimap interviewed 1,512 eligible voters by telephone or online for the Germany trend. The fluctuation range is 2 to 3 percentage points.