China News Service, September 16 According to Japanese media reports, Pfizer Japan said on the 15th that as of September 5, impurities have been detected in 95 new crown vaccine bottles in various regions of Japan.

The company said that this does not affect the safety of the vaccine.

  According to Japan’s Kyodo News, the company said at a news conference held in Tokyo on the 15th that the impurities found did not pose a safety issue because they may be undissolved sediments.

  Since September 13, there have been reports of impurities in Pfizer vaccines in various parts of Japan, all of which belong to batches of FF53357.

In this regard, the company said it is studying this and will announce the results to the public.

  The company also claims that sometimes white undissolved sediment can be seen, but it will not dissolve even if the vial is turned upside down, and there is no safety issue during vaccination.