, September 17th. According to a report by the US Chinese website, special prosecutor John Durham (John Durham) responsible for investigating the origin of the "Russian gate investigation" disclosed on the afternoon of the 16th local time that he had sued Hillary Clinton for his 2016 presidential campaign. Time's lawyer Sussman.

Data map: former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  According to reports, Sussman was charged by a grand jury with one felony: making false statements to the FBI.

The prosecution alleges that in September 2016, when he was questioned by James Baker, the FBI’s legal director, he informed the FBI of evidence that the computer in Trump Tower was “connected” with the Russian bank.

He denied that he was representing any client.

But he was actually a lawyer for Hillary's campaign team at the time.

  In addition, the prosecutor pointed out that the records of the law firm where Susman worked showed that he had done some work in investigating Russian banks, which was recorded in the number of hours he worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

  Sussman’s lawyers countered that Sussman had never made the statement the FBI alleged.

His lawyers also claimed that the hourly bill records are misleading, and that Sussman himself is an expert in cyber security, so it is not surprising that he conducted relevant research.

  Durham was appointed as the special prosecutor by the then Attorney General Barr in 2019, and initiated an investigation into the origin of the Russia-Russian investigation led by Mueller.

Trump and Barr suspected that the FBI initiated an investigation into Russia for violations.

There are reports that Durham's investigation is nearing completion, but there have been no findings that "satisfy Trump".

Up to now, Durham's investigation has been conducted for 2 years, and its duration has exceeded Mueller's investigation.