Mobile center to complete transactions at home

Mobile government services to enhance the quality of life for residents in Abu Dhabi

The mobile government services initiative is part of the “Tamm Cares” initiative.

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The Supreme Committee for Digital Government in Abu Dhabi launched the “Mobile Government Services” initiative, as part of the “Tamm Cares” initiative, which includes the “Tamm” car service and the “Tamm” mobile center, with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for the residents of the emirate, and facilitating their access to digital government services. .

The "Tamm Cared" initiative aims to provide an exceptional customer service experience for the residents and community of Abu Dhabi, and to provide services to senior citizens, people of determination and major investors, so that they can obtain government services without the need to personally attend government agencies or customer service centers.

The “Tamm” car service initiative works to provide support and assistance to customers who cannot visit “Tamm” centers, such as people of determination, senior citizens and residents, where they can request a service car via the number (800-555), and their request is responded to quickly, and the car is available to help them. To complete their transactions in their homes and places of residence.

The head of the Department of Government Support in Abu Dhabi, Ali Rashid Al Ketbi, said that the mobile government services initiative aims to reach various segments of society in Abu Dhabi, involve them in the government service experience industry, and provide the new generation of digital government services, as part of our continuous efforts to enhance the efficiency of government services. Provided to all segments of society in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

He stressed that the launch of this initiative comes in line with the efforts made to improve the quality of life of the residents of the emirate and provide the finest services that meet their aspirations, as the mobile government services initiative represents a unified window to provide innovative government services that exceed the expectations of customers and serve the path of sustainable development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The Director General of the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Hamid Al-Askar, said, "We launched the mobile government services initiative within the framework of the proactive approach of the (Tamm) system, with the aim of facilitating everyone's access to government services, as the (Tamm) system seeks, in coordination and cooperation with government agencies in the emirate. To provide government services to all citizens and residents of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

He added: "We seek to facilitate the daily life of community members, provide innovative digital solutions, adopt new methods to provide world-class services, and provide digital services to the largest possible number of residents of the emirate, to achieve leadership and excellence in providing services to customers, and save time and effort."

Al Hudayriat Island will be the first station where the mobile service center will be located, as it is one of the most vital locations in the emirate. Tamm will announce the following locations later.

The mobile center includes a corner dedicated to waiting for customers, a corner to provide service and help them complete their transactions easily, in addition to a special corner for self-service, which allows the customer to complete a series of services in a convenient and faster manner, in addition to the "service from the car" that provides the service to customers without The need to leave their vehicles.

The “Tamm Cares” initiative provides services to senior citizens, people of determination and major investors.

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