- I'm sure there is someone who wants to hurt dogs.

It's terrible and I get so angry when I think about it, says Anna Roth to SVT.

In mid-August, pieces of sausage with needles inserted by another dog owner were found.

It was near Torngatan that today's find was made, which Vetlanda-posten was the first to report.

Found this morning

It was at seven in the morning that Anna Roth was out resting the ten-year-old Chinese naked dog Zita.

- Zita starts sniffing at something bright and I see that something seems to stand out from it.

Then I shout "no" and pull her to me, she says.

She has been on her guard since the prepared pieces of sausage were found in the residential area.

Anna Roth picked up the piece of liver pate and found that some kind of nail-like object had been pressed into it.

Afterwards, she made a police report.

Encourages others to report to the police

- I want to urge other pet owners to be careful and report to the police if they find something similar.

Then maybe you can see some pattern.

The concern has made Anna Roth now buy a muzzle for Zita.

The phenomenon of prepared food appears from time to time in different parts of the country.

In the clip below, you can see dog owners in Malmö who are worried and need to change their walking routines to protect their dogs.

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On Friday, there were reports that dog owners found even more home-baked buns spiked with broken glass on the streets of Malmö.

Photo: Jon Loman / SVT