A 41-year-old man accused of hitting his wife was sentenced to three years in prison, including one year on probation, by the court in Montargis (Loiret) on Wednesday.

He was tried in immediate appearance for facts that occurred on Saturday, September 12 in Bellegarde (Loiret).

The forty-something was there with his partner to celebrate his birthday with a cousin, reports

La République du Center


The respondent did not accept a remark from his girlfriend about his drinking.

He then attacked her and then smashed the door to the bathroom where she had taken shelter.

The individual hit his partner and banged her head against the tiles.

The victim fled barefoot after his cousin's wife intervened.

In blood and in shock, she stopped a motorist who drove her to the Bellegarde gendarmerie.

"A dangerous individual," according to the prosecutor

The spouse admitted the facts but claimed not to remember them.

In September 2012, in Saint-Denis-en-Val (Loiret), the man had caused 20 days of ITT to the mother of one of his children.

He had also said there that he did not remember the violence.

His conviction for assaulting the two women was accompanied by a ban on contact with them.

The man's criminal record contains 13 entries, in particular for domestic violence.

Described as a "dangerous individual" by the prosecutor, the defendant must be tried at the assizes in 2022 for rape and sexual assault on a minor.


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