Why do we sometimes get greedy?

Is there good envy?

When does it help to get really angry?

Why do we indulge in gluttony and indulge in lust?

Melanie Mühl

Editor in the features section.

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Elena Witzeck

Editor in the features section.

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Each week we tackle one of the seven deadly sins.

In the third episode, the SPD politician Sawsan Chebli reveals how she deals with male competition, why the attacks on her often target below the belt and why there is something good about the pursuit of wealth.

Anger, envy, greed, lust, arrogance, indolence: with other prominent guests, including Stefanie Sargnagel, Father Anselm Grün and Dennis Gansel, we will look for the origin of these feelings and behaviors over the next few weeks - and try to to understand the emotional states of emergency a little better.

Our therapeutic companion is the neuroscientist Dr.

Thorsten Kienast.

Together with our guests, we always think on Thursdays about how to make the most of our small sins and big flaws.

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