The EU-European Union announced the Indo-Pacific Strategy, strengthening economic relations with Taiwan, and focusing on dispatching member states' ships to this area to increase its presence. rice field.

EU High Representative Borrell, the EU's Foreign Minister, announced at a press conference on the 16th the EU's first Indo-Pacific strategy.

The strategy emphasizes its importance to the EU, with strong economic ties to the Indo-Pacific region and major sea lines of communication.

On top of that, regarding the South China Sea, where China is promoting military bases, "the display of power and heightened tensions in the South China Sea, East China Sea, Taiwan Strait, etc. may have a direct impact on the security and prosperity of Europe." Shows the recognition of.

In terms of economy, it plans to diversify its trade relations and develop cooperation with Taiwan and other strategically important fields such as semiconductors.

In the field of security, we will focus on dispatching ships from member countries to promote the construction of open and legal-based regional security, including ensuring the safety of sea lines of communication, and exist in this area. It is said that it will enhance the feeling.

On the other hand, regarding relations with China, while cooperating together for common issues, in areas such as human rights where there is disagreement, we will cooperate with countries with the same concerns to counter them.

Regarding the Indo-Pacific region, the United States announced on the 15th that it will create a new security framework with the United Kingdom and Australia.

EU High Representative "I want to contribute to regional stability"

EU High Representative Borel responded to an independent interview with NHK.

Among them, regarding the dispatch of member countries to the Indo-Pacific, "It is important for our economy that this region like the aorta is free and safe. China has strengthened its assertion and exists in this region where there is tension. We need to show a feeling. We want to contribute to the stability of the region, not for power balance or power games. "

He reiterated the idea that the relationship between the EU and China has three different aspects: a rival in terms of system, a partner in terms of economy, and a competitor in terms of technology. There are some parts that do not share the fundamental values, which is why the EU always cooperates with the United States and Japan. Global issues such as climate change cannot be solved without the involvement of China, and is it involved with China? It must be. "

The British newspaper Biden administration considers and reports that the Taiwanese authorities will accept the name change

Meanwhile, over the relationship between Taiwan and the United States, the British economic newspaper Financial Times announced on the 11th that the Byden administration requested the Taiwanese authorities to request the "Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office" in Washington, the capital of the United States. In response, he said that he is considering changing the name to "Taiwan Representative Office".

"We have nothing to announce," said Porter, a deputy spokesman for the US State Department. "The support for Taiwan is solid and we will continue to maintain our relationship as an important economic and security partner. ".

Foreign Minister Mogi "Welcome EU involvement in Indo-Pacific"

Foreign Minister Motegi said, "We welcome the EU = European Union's strong intention to be involved in the Indo-Pacific and the announcement of concrete efforts in the future. In this document, we will promote cooperation in various fields. As a partner country, Japan has been mentioned multiple times, and I think it is based on Japan's ideas and efforts regarding "Free and Open Indo-Pacific." Basics such as freedom, democracy, and rule of law. Japan and the EU, which share values, will continue to further promote concrete cooperation in a wide range of fields such as security / defense, economy, and climate change toward the realization of a "free and open Indo-Pacific". We announced the discourse.