Elisa Pinto

asked the National Court to sentence businessman

Javier López Madrid

to six years in prison

for hiring retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo to harass her.

The indictment sent to the judge in the

Tandem case

claims the same prison sentence for Villarejo, and two for the former commissioner, lawyer

Rafael Redondo


In all cases for the crime of bribery, since López Madrid would have paid the police officer when he was still an active civil servant.

According to the letter, the initial assignment to Villarejo was "to prevent him from denouncing Javier López Madrid for harassment."

The doctor and the businessman had previously had a romantic relationship.

He adds that the businessman and Villarejo's partner paid him a visit in which he felt "threatened."

"In said meeting, Javier López Madrid, with the intention of harassing her, expressed to leave him alone, that he had been with the police for a long time, to stop, and that the police would go to see her, that he had been with the police for a month and means and had means, that the police had everything, that the man who accompanied him 'even smells like the police', and that he had to do his part to have some complaints withdrawn. The visit caused fear in Mrs. Elisa who felt threatened being that at that time there was no complaint. "

From then on, Villarejo, "in compliance with the agreement", Villarejo "carried out telephone follow-ups" of Pinto and "dedicated himself to harassing her to prevent her from reporting."

The case of the National Court runs in parallel to another in the ordinary courts of Madrid in which the businessman and Villarejo are on the edge of the bench for the alleged assault with a knife by the commissioner on the doctor, again in the conflict with López Madrid.

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