It was at 18.35 on Thursday evening that the police received an alarm that ambulance personnel had been shot with a green laser on Storgruvegatan in Kopparberg in Ljusnarsberg municipality.

- We are on site right now and take this very seriously, says Diana Qudhaib, press spokesperson at the police region Bergslagen at 19.10.

There is no information on whether the ambulance staff was injured or how the patient who was affected by the alarm went.

- They were on their way out on an alarm about a feared brain hemorrhage and this is a deplorable behavior.

This can have major consequences not only for ambulance personnel, but also for those who are acutely affected by illness, says Qudhaib.

During the evening, the police went out with a call to people who may have seen something to hear from.

A report of sabotage against blue light operations has been made.