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controversy over the development of Daejang-dong continued in the political circles. Democratic Party candidate Lee Nak-yeon attacked it as 100% investigation, and Lee Jae-myung countered that it was a political suspicion. In addition, the People's Power launched a separate fact-finding team and launched an offensive.

Correspondent Koh Ji-hyun.


Rep. Seol-hoon, the former chairman of the Democratic Party's Lee Nak-yeon camp, called for an investigation, citing the opaque profit structure of the Daejang-dong project.

[Rep. Seol-hoon/Lee Nak-yeon, the former president of the camp (YTN radio): Of course, we should investigate 100%. It is said that there are seven people, but does it make sense to say that they earned hundreds of billions of dollars? What kind of public development and public development is that?] It

was interpreted as a hint aimed at candidate Lee Jae-myung, and the Lee Jae-myung camp emphasized that it would respond to any investigations after stipulating that attacks within and outside the party were political.

[Rep. Jeong Seong-ho/Lee ​​Jae-myung, special director of the camp (BBS Radio): It is very strategic to raise suspicions like this only with the profit of a private company. Isn't Governor Lee Jae-myung also saying that he will respond to any investigation?] The

people's power, which has responded to the allegations of accusation, started to divide the ruling party by launching the 'Daejang-dong fact-finding task force' today (16th).

[Kim Ki-hyun / People's Power Floor Leader: Who is Hwacheon Daeyu? At this point, the development of Daejang-dong is not the branch's greatest achievement, but its greatest achievement... .]

Standing committees of each National Assembly, such as the Political Affairs Committee and the Financial Services Commission, applied for witnesses related to the Daejang-dong project and raised their voices that candidate Lee Jae-myung should appear in the National Audit Office directly.

In response to the opposition's offensive, Candidate Jae-myung Lee directly posted on his SNS, refusing to say that the development of Daejang-dong was "a best example of administration that secured business profits for citizens first." said.

As the controversy over the reality and characters of Hwacheon Daeyu is in full swing, the Daejang-dong development project is escalating into a presidential election issue in which both the ruling and opposition parties participate in the war.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho, Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Choi Hye-young)

▶ Former Supreme Court Justice Kwon Soon-il also served as an advisor to 'Hwacheon Daeyu'