Criminal financing under the guise of a corona pandemic continues.

Security company Check Point says it has detected that black market trading has shifted from darknet, ie limited access from the network to the Telegram instant messaging service.

The black market trade in forged coronary vaccination certificates has also moved there.

In the past, substances claimed to be corona vaccines have been sold on the black market.

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As late as August, there were about a thousand counterfeit vendors in Telegram, now there are about 10,000 outlets. The vendors are organized into groups, some of which have up to 300,000 followers in the United States alone.

Counterfeit certificates are also on sale in Finland and the price is 150 euros.

The layout and content of the certificates are constantly adapting to new regulations in different countries.

Crown certificates have recently become mandatory in various countries.

According to Check Point's press relations expert in Finland, the false EU certificate has been available since August and its Finnish version possibly since September.

This version of the false certificate is already out of date.

Criminals adapt to rapidly changing regulations.

However, new versions are certainly promised.

Photo: Check Point

In Finland, the demand for false certificates may, in theory, have been increased by the difficult availability of correct certificates in some places.

The situation has clearly improved recently, but there are still people who have a hard time getting one.

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The significance of the corona passport, in practice the EU corona certificate, in Finland's opening up is still unclear.

If it becomes widely seen as a condition for access to events, interest in counterfeiting may begin to be found among those who refuse vaccination.

The move of the transaction to Telegram means that the buyer will no longer have to use separate programs to access the darknets offering certificates.

Check Point expects trade to only accelerate as new certification requirements are put in place around the world.

Genuine health certificates are not sold online and there are no guarantees that they will work.

If someone offers one, he is on the move illegally.

You should not deal with criminals.

Presenting a forged certificate may also be a criminal offense.

A genuine corona certificate is an official document, and presenting a forged certificate can meet the criteria for fraud.