Over 60 percent of all young people in the group 16 to 17 years have taken at least one vaccine dose, according to the Norrbotten Region.

But they would like to see higher numbers and are now starting to travel around between different upper secondary schools in the county.

- We will go out to several different high schools and offer a vaccine in collaboration with the schools.

Should it slip with an unvaccinated teacher, it also goes well, says Pia Näsvall, vaccine coordinator.

The point of the new strategy is to make it easier for schoolchildren, at the same time as they want to point out that there is no coercion.

- It is clear that it makes it easier for them if they can get vaccinated at their schools. There are probably no problems leaving school for a vaccine time, but it enables and takes less time from school, says Pia Näsvall, vaccine coordinator.