• Rave party in the Viterbo area, the right attacks.

    Police: "Taking action is risky"


September 15, 2021 "The control services arranged by the police forces prevented up to 30 thousand people from gathering in the rave area", said the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, in the information in the Chamber to the Chamber on the matter of the rave party of the Mezzano lake, in the Viterbo area, in mid-August.

"There was police monitoring of the campers on the Aurelia since August 13, certainly not an escort," Lamorgese said. As for the requests for eviction, "given the high number of people and the presence of children, a dissuasive activity was deemed appropriate. The evacuation with the use of fire hydrants and tear gas would have created risks for public order and health".

The minister reported that "only at the first light of 14 August the operating staff could actually quantify the number of presences which amounted to 4 thousand people, including families with children. The control and belting services had the effect of preventing that in 'chosen area was to concentrate a much higher number of people, hypothesized up to 30 thousand ".

"Moreover - underlined Lamorgese - the failure to reach the presences estimated by the organizers would be due precisely to the activity carried out in those hours by the police forces that would have caused many people - especially young people - to withdraw from the initial intent to participate in the rave" . 

The rave was "organized on the web on private chats, where only the invitation to participate was shared without details on the location and timing of the event. The organizers asked those who wanted to participate in absolute secrecy", underlined the Minister of the Interior, who denies the increase in coronavirus cases due to the event: "The outbreak that should have produced the rave has not been seen. The monitoring of the ASL of Viterbo did not detect cases of positivity from Covid" .

Finally, Lamorgese specified, rave parties "are not an unprecedented fact, nor an Italian issue, there have been many in the past - in 2018 and 2019 there were similar events, in Turin 5 thousand people - and in no case was there decided to intervene by force if not when circumstances of time and place have allowed it. The line of the Interior Ministry on public order cannot be wavering, the police act on the basis of criteria that are the result of consolidated experience and skills, not subject to improvisations or unjustified changes. This is to guarantee everyone, citizens and police forces ".