Minimum penalties, fines withheld from wages ... To counter the incursions and "staging" of Emmanuel Macron in the sovereign field, Xavier Bertrand, who hopes to represent the right in the presidential election, has multiplied the harsh proposals on security, this Wednesday in Saint-Quentin.

“I hear the exasperation and anger of our fellow citizens.

Tomorrow, if we do nothing, some will take justice into their own hands.

And the day after tomorrow, it would be civil war ”, hammered the ex-LR presidential candidate, promising that his mandate would be“ that of the restoration of authority ”.

"Restore authority in our country"

For this he unveiled a battery of very firm proposals, a week after having detailed his "Republic of the territories" and before his plan on the economy, expected by the end of September. Penal majority reduced to 15 years, "one year in prison" for law enforcement aggressors, mandatory minimum sentences for repeat offenders, even if it means modifying the Constitution ... For unpaid criminal fines, he proposed that they "be foreclosures directly on wages or on certain social benefits, such as the RSA ”.

Among its other proposals, 20,000 additional prison places, the “systematic” expulsion of foreign delinquents and irreducible 50-year sentences for “the perpetrators of terrorist attacks”.

So many measures aimed at "restoring authority in our country", "prior" to any recovery in France according to him.

But it is also a question of thwarting Emmanuel Macron, whose “martial postures” and “electoral staging” he criticized, the day after a speech in Roubaix - on the lands of Xavier Bertrand therefore - where the head of the state has presented its own security plan.

"We will have a real debate, it will come"

The visit gave rise to an icy exchange between the two men. "Thank you for continuing to propose on these so important subjects", launched Emmanuel Macron. "We will have a debate, a real debate, it will come," replied Xavier Bertrand, already staging a duel for the second round of the presidential election. "Thank you for being there, Mr. President of the Regional Council", concluded the Head of State.

Wednesday Xavier Bertrand multiplied the criticisms of the Head of State, "without experience of a local elected representative" and therefore unable "to feel what the French are going through".

The president of Hauts-de-France is credited with 15 to 16% of voting intention in the polls, or ten points behind Emmanuel Macron.

And if he is ahead of his right-wing competitors, he does not crush the match, while LR must decide by December on the name of his candidate.

With his speech, Xavier Bertrand posed as the best candidate of his camp on the regal, even if he is not alone in putting forward strong proposals.

Emmanuel Macron in the field of the right

All presidential candidates are proposing a moratorium on immigration, like the National Rally. Valérie Pécresse wants to increase the security budget to 2% of the GDP and resume the charters of deportation of illegals. Michel Barnier promises a "ministry in charge of public security", and Eric Ciotti intends to return to the law of the soil. Because the entire right sees with exasperation Emmanuel Macron nibbling this land where it is considered credible, while the subject promises to be one of the major themes of the presidential campaign.

After the speech of the Head of State Tuesday in Roubaix, Eric Ciotti castigated commitments which have "no more value than a political leaflet of En Marche!"

on the eve of an electoral campaign ”.

"It makes Canada dry", launched Tuesday evening Valérie Pécresse.

At the same time, the right must beware of Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour on its right flank.

On Wednesday again, the polemicist said he was "philosophically favorable" to the death penalty, abolished in France 40 years ago.

Credited with 10% in a recent poll, Eric Zemmour maintains the mystery of a possible candidacy, which could weaken the right-wing and far-right candidates.

"Eric Zemmour is a great divider", hammered in Saint-Quentin Xavier Bertrand.


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