"Visible and invisible" precautions have been taken for future demonstrations at the temporary building housing the House of Representatives in The Hague.

This is reported by Jaap van Rhijn, housing director of the House of Representatives.

"The deployment of the security service has been expanded and all windows and exterior doors have been given a safety check as a precaution," he writes.

The police are also extra vigilant.

Members of Parliament and other MPs are advised to be attentive and "not to open windows".

The reason for the tightening up is a demonstration by Greenpeace in the temporary House of Representatives building on Tuesday.

Activists climbed the building, hung banners on the facade and set up tents on the flat roofs.

The police arrested 31 activists.

There were also other demonstrations at the Chamber Building, which, according to Van Rhijn, created a threatening atmosphere.

"Demonstrating is a great thing in the Netherlands, but the safety of others or our parliament building should never be compromised."


Greenpeace activists temporarily climb the House of Representatives building

Unclear whether demonstration at press conference plays a role

It is not clear whether the tightened measures are also related to the events during and after the corona press conference of the outgoing cabinet on Tuesday.

Hundreds of protesters then gathered in front of the Justice Ministry building, where the press conference was held.

During the press conference, the protesters made noise with, among other things, sirens and whistles.

Afterwards, journalists and politicians had to stay in the building for a short time because the atmosphere outside was grim.


Analysis: 'Noisy atmosphere was intimidating for journalists'