• USA California votes to revoke the mandate of Gavin Newsom

  • USA Gavin Newsom, before a political ultimatum for his management of the pandemic in California

Gavin Newsom

will remain governor of California after passing

the thorniest test of his



, according to the projections of various media in the United States. The 53-year-old Democrat won

broad voter support - over 65% -

in Tuesday's recall referendum, the second special election in the history of the nation's most populous state after the end of

Gray Davis

as governor in 2003. and the triumph of

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But this time the Republican option did not have a candidate of fame and the popularity of the Hollywood actor and Newsom has passed the test very broadly, with more than 60% of the votes counted. Even the polls that favored him the most seem to have fallen short. The Governor, perceived as a solid option for the future Democrat for the White House, has achieved that the "No" to his impeachment has been imposed by

almost three million votes

, plunging into failure an initiative with Republican interests behind that began to take shape early last year.

With tears in his eyes and visibly moved, Newsom thanked the 40 million Californians less than an hour after the polls closed from north to south.

More than the massive "No" victory, the former San Francisco mayor highlighted voter support for

"science," "vaccines," "the end of the pandemic."

"We said yes to the right of people to vote without fear of false fraud or voter suppression. We said yes to the fundamental constitutional right of women to decide for themselves what they do with their body, their destiny and their future. We said yes to diversity. We said yes to inclusion. We said yes to pluralism, "he said from Sacramento.

Newsom's victory is

a joy and a respite for the Democratic Party.

Not only was control of California at stake, but the majority in the Senate.

A victory for a Conservative candidate could have seen the replacement for Democratic Sen.

Dianne Feinstein

fall to the Republican side.

At 88, his retirement is near.

Not surprisingly, Newsom has received the unconditional endorsement of his party's heavyweights.

Barack Obama

has participated in television messages in support of the Californian, Vice President Kamala Harris has campaigned for him, and President

Joe Biden himself

flew to Long Beach on Monday night to be with the governor.

His extensive victory anecdotally leaves the results of the 46 candidates who aspired to stay with his post. As planned,

Larry Elder,

a conservative radio host aligned with

Donald Trump's



achieved the highest percentage of votes among the applicants, with an abysmal difference from the second, the Youtuber

Kevin Paffrath,

the only Democrat registered in this



Criticism of Newsom's management during the pandemic, added to his immigration policy, the fires and the economic crisis, led to the collection of the 1.5 million signatures necessary to call for a revocation of his mandate.

Since 1960, every governor has faced the threat of impeachment, but

only twice have they made it to the polls.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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