China accuses the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom of having a "Cold War mentality" in response to the AUKUS security pact the three countries announced on Wednesday.

In a joint press conference, the leaders of the three allies said the pact is intended to ensure security and stability in the Asia-Pacific continent, but the Chinese embassy in Washington says the countries should "shake off their ideological biases".

Although China is not explicitly mentioned in the agreements between the three countries, insiders already told news site


that the initiative is seen as a way to form a united front against China. Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke at the press conference of an "enhanced" partnership. "A partnership where our technology, scientists, companies and armed forces all work together to create a safer region for everyone to benefit from."

Australia should immediately benefit from this closer cooperation.

"The first task of this partnership will be to help Australia acquire a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines," said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He spoke of a "new chapter" in the friendly relationship between the countries.

Pact is a 'historic step' according to Biden

US President Joe Biden said that working with the British and Australians should make it possible to tackle "challenges of the 21st century" together.

He called the creation of AUKUS a "historic step" and pointed out that the countries' armies have already fought side by side during two world wars.

Sources had

also told


that the partnership will provide for the sharing of advanced technologies. During his speech, Biden confirmed that AUKUS is also intended to ensure that the countries maintain their lead in the military field and in the development of 'critical' technologies, for example in the field of artificial intelligence.