At 4 pm local time yesterday (14th), Frank Sinatra's old pop 'New York, New York' rang out in front of the main gate of the Richard Rogers Theater in Manhattan, New York City, USA.

At the street performance conducted under the direction of Linmanuel Miranda, the creator of the famous musical 'Hamilton', citizens were too excited to sing along or take pictures of the performers on their smartphone cameras, and the reporters also had a long line.

These choruses were a pre-festival to announce the return of Broadway theaters, including 'Hamilton', who will be performing at this theater after 18 months.

This is a full-fledged performance resumption after a year and a half since the lights in theaters went out all at once on March 12 last year as the Corona 19 pandemic struck New York first in the United States.

Broadway, which passed through the darkest period of the longest 'shutdown' in history, re-opened yesterday evening with four performances including 'Hamilton', 'The Lion King', 'Wicked', and 'Chicago'.

In front of the theaters where the musical was being performed, police officers came out and controlled traffic, gathering not only spectators but also spectators.

'TKTS Booth', a discount ticket sales office located in Times Square, was also opened for the first time since March last year in line with the resumption of performances.

When the musical fans who had been waiting in line in advance bought their first tickets, applause and cheers erupted around them.

A welcome sign 'Broadway is Back' was hung on the steps of Times Square, along with an advertisement celebrating the 25th anniversary of the revival version of 'Chicago'.

The reopening of Broadway is one of the most significant milestones in New York, coming out of the long tunnel of COVID-19.

Not only is Broadway a symbol of New York, it's a huge industry that created 97,000 jobs before the pandemic.

According to CBS broadcasting, 14 million people spent $2 billion (about 2.3 trillion won) on ticket purchases in 2019 alone.

(Photo=Twitter capture, Yonhap News, Getty Image Korea)