Experts have recovered a construction site vehicle weighing tons from the Salzbachtal Bridge in Wiesbaden, which is in danger of collapsing and is therefore closed.

It was left there in mid-June because the bridge had to be cleared immediately due to static problems.

The construction workers who were busy with the renovation of the motorway bridge also left the structure immediately.

On Wednesday, after hours of preparation, a huge crane lifted the red and yellow special truck down from the bridge with no apparent problems.

The bridge is now expected to be blown up at the end of October or beginning of November and then rebuilt.

Preparations are underway.

For a while it was unclear whether the truck could even be pulled down before the demolition.

The closure of the Salzbachtal Bridge after the superstructure had sunk on a pillar and chunks of concrete had fallen, massively impaired traffic in the western Rhine-Main area.

The important Autobahn 66 between Wiesbaden Frankfurt was interrupted at this point, which sometimes makes extensive detours necessary.

No train or road traffic is allowed to roll under the bridge either.

Wiesbaden Central Station is therefore largely cut off from rail traffic.