A 34-year-old woman was sentenced by the Pau correctional court (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) on Monday for, among other things, "fraud, theft, fraud on social benefits and bad checks".

The thirty-something had organized trafficking in puppies and kittens about ten years ago, reports



Animals were stolen from vulnerable people or bought at low prices before being sold on the Internet.

80,000 euros in earnings

Several animals fell ill or died when they were presented as weaned and vaccinated.

Some dogs were also reportedly presented as the wrong breed.

To attest to the good health of the animals, the thirty-something used a tampon stolen from a veterinary practice to falsify documents.

This activity would have brought him a total of 80,000 euros.

Already convicted in the past for fraud, the defendant, absent during the hearing, this time was sentenced to one year in prison, including six months closed.

His ex-companion, also prosecuted, was sentenced to six months in prison, three of which was probationary.


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