According to the Investigative Committee, during the investigation of the case opened in connection with the disappearance of 9-year-old Victoria Gnedova in the village of Kazar, Zalegoshchensky District, Oryol Region, on June 18, 2021, investigative actions and operational search measures were carried out.

As a result, a cache was found in the basement of an apartment building at a depth, in which the body of the victim was found in clothes that allowed her to be identified.

“A local resident was detained on suspicion of committing a murder.

Investigative actions are being carried out against him, ”the Investigative Committee said.

Investigators are examining the scene, and a number of expert examinations are planned.

On September 6, ten-year-old Nastya and Ulyana disappeared in the city of Kiselyovsk, Kemerovo Region.

They were found dead the next day.

The suspect in the murder of schoolgirls has been detained.