A couple of septuagenarians is not ready to forget the night from Sunday to Monday.

That evening, they had to pick up their 15-year-old granddaughter, who arrived by bus at the bus station of Orléans (Loiret), reports

La République du Center


As night began to fall, the couple found themselves alone, sitting on a bench, in total darkness.

They then called their granddaughter, who told them that her bus was going to be late.

Suddenly they heard a loud noise.

“We saw that the electric gates had just closed,” explains the grandfather.

A secret passage

The couple eventually found themselves trapped inside the station.

As she approached the exit, blindly, the septuagenarian fell to the ground and injured her knee.

They eventually contacted the national police, who sent a team there.

Arrived at the station, the teenager questioned the bus driver who revealed to her the existence of a small door, located somewhere in the bus station.

She thus found her grandparents.

The director of Transdev Loiret Mobilité explained that the doors close every evening at 9 p.m. to prevent the premises from being squatted.


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