China News Service, September 15-Japan's new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to expand.

According to comprehensive Japanese media reports, on the 14th, the South Kanto Branch of the Japan Post Office stated that since the 10th, 29 employees of the Isogo Post Office in Yokohama City have been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, and 88 people have been in close contact.

After the 15th, the post office temporarily suspended its daily delivery business.

  According to reports, a total of 29 employees at the Isogo Post Office in Isogo District, Yokohama, Japan were diagnosed with the new crown from the 10th to the 14th.

Among those infected with the new crown, 27 were postmen, 2 were window business staff, and 88 were in close contact.

  According to reports, starting on the 15th, including express delivery, the post office will temporarily stop the delivery of ordinary mail to the region.

Parcels sent to the post office in this area will also stop receiving.

  The South Kanto Branch of the Japan Post said, “I am very sorry for the trouble caused to customers, and we will cooperate with the local health center to properly take the necessary measures.”

  A few days ago, the Sasebo Post Office in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan also had a mass infection of new crown pneumonia. 74 couriers were unable to deliver the items because they were diagnosed with the new crown or as a close contact. As a result, about 60,000 letters or postcards could not be delivered.